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Public Service Broadcasting released their Live at Brixton album and DVD today. Band member J. Wilgoose recently spoke to the Last Mixed Tape about the filming/recording of their Race For Space tour.

“The vision was always there” recalls Wilgoose about the staging of such a large-scale tour. “Brixton made sense, we had to spend more production but I think the size of the venue made that possible”.

Public Service Broadcasting’s Brixton show last November saw the group perform their latest studio album Race for Space in full. Speaking about how the record tranlates to the stage, Wilgoose says: “We were still a duo making it, for the most part. But we didn’t want to just use backing tracks. So we learned how to play the songs live as band. The made room to improvise, making different from the studio version”.

With such a big production and undertaking behind the Race for Space tour, Wilgoose remember a particular moment where it all finally hit him: “I think I was glad when we play ‘Everest’ at the end and nothing bad happened (laughs). We had done a really nice intro that night, and I remember looking across the stage at it all and getting a bit emotional about. It all got a bit much”.

“I think seeing the actual staging and lighting itself was the same”, Wilgoose remarks on the filming of the show. “I never feel comfortable seeing myself on screen, but watching the band is something I rarely get to see”. 

With the tour now at an end, PSB are now already looking to their next album. “We have most of the next record demoed and ready to record in the new year. This will be a more impressionistic album than the Race for Space was. A bit more interpritive”.

Public Service Broadcasting’s  ‘Live at Brixton’ is out now and available on CD and DVD – here. Click below to watch Public Service Broadcasting perform ‘Spitfire’.

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