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Watch | Check out the hazy electro-pop of ‘What Do You Want’by Corrina Jaye & PaSv


Electronic artist Corrina Jaye has teamed up with Swedish musician PaSv on the new single ‘What Do You Want’. 

Following her recent single ‘Could You Be Mine’, Corrina Jaye’s latest offering ‘What Do You Want’ is a hazy electronic slow-burner from that finds the Irish artist collaborating with PaSv.

A track built around deep synth textures, the song brooding verses to dynamic verses in a blink of an eye . Add to this Bold Puppy’s equally affecting video and you have a powerful new release.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘What You Want’ by Corrina Jaye & PaSv. 

Video Credits:
Video: Bold Puppy Productions.
Director: Luke Daly
DOP: Kevin Minogue
AD: Gillian Murphy
Edited James Murphy
Actors Peter Corboy and Seán Doyle.

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