TLMT’s Guide to Hard Working Class Heroes 2016

HWCH 2016


Hard Working Class Heroes 2016 will present a plethora of Ireland’s most promising new acts in venue across Dublin city this week (Thursday, October 6th – Saturday, October 8th).

TLMT has delved into the HWCH 2016 line-up to give you its guide to this year’s festival. See below for full run down and timetable.


Handsome Eric – Thursday: 8.50pm (Upstairs)
An essential part of the thriving Irish lo-fi/garage scene Handsome Eric will showcase the diversity in sound found in the Hard Working Class Heroes 2016 line-up.

Loah – Thursday: 11pm (Downstairs)
Ethereal afro-soul artist Loah will play the downstairs stage in Tengu this Thursday night, an exciting new prospect on the scene Loah is the embodiment of “one to watch”.

Soulé – Friday: 8.10pm (Upstairs)
Performing as part of the Word Up Collective line-up at HWCH 2016 on Friday, Soulé debut single ‘Love No More’ was a stand-out track this summer.

Elephant – Friday: 9.40pm (Downstairs)
Atmospheric folk songwriter Elephant impressed with his debut album Hypergiant last year, the Dundalk based artist is one of Ireland’s more affecting live performers.

Naosie Roo – Friday: 10.20pm (Downstairs)
Alternative-rock artist Naoise Roo will be taking to the stage this Friday at HWCH 2016, the set will be coming as part of her current ‘Whore’ single tour.

Buffalo Woman – Friday: 10.50pm (Upstairs)
Buffalo Woman will take their synth-pop sound to Tengu this weekend, the duo’s live performances rarely disappoint.

Le Bloom – Saturday: 8.50pm (Upstairs)
Underground funk act Le Bloom have long been one of the Irish music scene’s most promising prospects, their set at Hard Working Class Heroes this Saturday will be a must see.

We, the Oceanographers – Saturday: 9.40pm (Downstairs)
D.I.Y folk act We, the Oceanographers Saturday night set at Tengu brings the trio’s unique music to the fore as part of HWCH 2016.

Participant – Saturday: 10.20pm (Downstairs)
Following last year’s bold stylistic set from Participant at HWCH, it’ll be interesting to see what he brings to the table at this year’s festival

The Chocolate Factory

BARQ – Thursday: 8.30pm (Stage 2)
Go. See. BARQ.

Erica Cody – Thursday: 10pm (Stage 1)
One of the more gratifying aspects of festivals like Hard Working Class Heroes is the chance to see new up and coming artists being given a chance to be seen, Erica Cody is one such artist.

R.S.A.G – Thursday: 10.30pm (Stage 2)
The Chocolate Factory will see the full-force of a R.S.A.G set this Thursday night for HWCH 2016.

Ele – Friday: 9pm (Stage 1)
Another one of the exciting new acts performing at the Chocolate Factory this weekend, Ele will play Friday at Hard Working Class Heroes 2016.

Rocstrong – Friday: 9.30pm (Stage 2)
It’s been one hell of a summer for Rocstrong, several stand-out festival slots including a headliner on the Canalaphonic main stage will mean the R&B artist will be more than ready for HWCH 2016.

Tara Lee – Friday: 10pm (Stage 1)
Alternative electronic songwriter Tara Lee is yet another example of this year’s HWCH line-up giving a chance to some of the country’s brightest new acts.

Talos – Friday: 10.30pm (Stage 2)
A real possibility of being the gig of Hard Working Class Heroes 2016.

Rusangano Family – Saturday: 9.30pm (Stage 2)
After releasing one of the best Irish album of the decade (their debut Let the Dead Bury The Dead), Rusangano Family will be making a triumpant return to Hard Working Class Heroes.

The Workman’s Club

Hawk – Thursday: 9.10pm
Indie-rock four-piece Hawk play the Workman’s Club stage for HWCH 2016 this Thursday night, the set comes in the middle of a run of Irish & UK dates for the band.

Ailbhe Reddy – Thursday: 9.50pm
What a difference a year makes, Ailbhe Reddy returns to Hard Working Class Heroes as one the songwriters of the moment. Catch her this Thursday at 9.50pm.

Wyvern Lingo – Thursday: 11.10pm
It’s Wyvern Lingo. Go see them.

Half of Me – Friday: 8.30pm
Half of Me finally found the same level of ferocity found in their live sets with the single ‘Blastoice’ this year. Their show on Friday will be a must.

Beach – Friday: 9.50pm
Easily one of Ireland’s most unique new prospects. Beach meeting of dream-pop, shoegaze and psych makes for an enthralling live set.

Galants – Saturday: 8.20pm
Thie week’s pick for the Mixed-Tape with ‘Evergreen’. Check them out.

Elm – Saturday: 9.40pm
Elm have quickly established themselves as an integral part of the Irish alternative-pop scene this year with several stand-out singles and performances. How the group use HWCH 2016 as a platform will be interesting to see.

The Hub

Fangclub – Thursday: 9.30pm
Big, load, post-grunge at its finest.

Slow Riot – Friday: 8.10pm
Limerick’s Slow Riot will be heading up the Irish post-punk contingent at this year’s HWCH 2016. TLMT will be there.

Oh Boland – Saturday: 7.30pm
Few bands have seen such a surge in momentum as Oh Boland have. Their new album Spilt Milk has just come out and the band are home from an extensive tour of the U.S.

Wolff – Saturday: 8.50pm
A very impressive set at Canalaphonic 2016 last weekend compelled me to include Wolff on this year’s guide.

Bitch Falcon – Saturday: 9.30pm
There aren’t many bands as loud and uncompromising as Bitch Falcon, the trio’s set in the Hub on Saturday could very well be a HWCH 2016 highlight.


Alana Henderson – Thursday: 9.10pm
Very promising baroque-pop artist Alana Henderson’s gig on Thursday will be a must see for TLMT.

Paddy Dennehy & the Red Herring – Friday: 8.30pm
Grizzled folk, blues and retro-pop influenced Cork outfit Paddy Dennehy & the Red Herring will create an atmosphere all of their own at Hard Working Class Heroes 2016.

Swords – Saturday: 8.30pm
Swords eagerly awaited sophomore album Tidal Waves is just over the horizon, the band have already made their return felt with the singles ‘Betty Machete’ and ‘the Letter’.

Maria Kelly – Saturday: 9.10pm
Maria Kelly is incredibly early into her career, and already incredibly accomplished. Hard Working Class Heroes is made for artists like Kelly.

Maija Sofia – Saturday: 10.30pm
A wonderfully unique new songwriter on the scene Maija Sofia’s set this Saturday at Wigwam could be very special indeed.

City Hall

The Ocelots – Friday: 9.20pm
Indie-folk two-piece the Ocelots make their Hard Working Class Heroes debut this Friday night at City Hall.

Rosie Carney – Saturday: 10pm
Closing with another new artist, Rosie Carney’s inclusion on the HWCH 2016 is indicative of the festivals ability to introduce new acts to the scene.

Hard Working Class Heroes 2016 will take place from Thursday, October 6th – Saturday, October 8th. For more information visit

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