Listen | Shrug Life release ‘Your Body’ in support of Repeal the 8th


Indie-pop act Shrug Life have released their latest single ‘Your Body’ to highlight the need to change Ireland’s archaic abortion laws.

Infused with Shrug Life’s signature take on the indie-pop sound and deft touch at turning a phrase, ‘Your Body’ is the trio’s most lyrically pointed song to date.

Opening with the line “Your body is not your body, it’s the property of church and state” (which includes a guest vocal from Maire Carr) the track continues to succinctly and directly outline just why we need to Repeal the 8th Amendment.

Speaking about why Shrug Life recorded ‘Your Body’, singer Danny Carroll explains “I wanted to put it as simply as possible.  There’s an archaic restriction upon the people we love and the song is just our personal response.  In this small way, if we can show some solidarity and reduce a bit of stigma I’ll be happy”.

Click below to listen to ‘Your Body’ by Shrug Life. The song itself is FREE to download via soundcloud.

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