Listen | Carriages return with the pops and clicks of ‘Moving Parts’

Carriages. Photography by Ruth Medjber

Electronic two-piece Carriages have returned with a brand new single entitled, ‘Moving Parts’.

As instantly engrossing as ever, Carriages sound seems to come on leaps and bounds with each new release. Such is the case with ‘Moving Parts’.

Characterised by the duo’s brilliant use of rhythm and repose, their latest single is all about upward motion both musically and lyrically. It’s a sound that wants to push things  forward.

Carriages music is coloured by the group’s great use of beat and melody. With the pops and clicks of the production creating the perfect contrast to the mellow deep-bodied vocal, the song’s key theme of movement is mirrored beautifully in the sound of ‘Moving Parts’.

Click below to listen to ‘Moving Parts’ by Carriages. Photo credit: Ruth Medjber.

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