The Mixed-tape

The Mixed-Tape | Swords – Betty Machete


In this week’s edition of TLMT’s song-of-the-week feature The Mixed-Tape we turn our attention to Swords and their brand new track ‘Betty Machete’.

Swords return with the striped-down bone-rattling punk sound of ‘Betty Machete’ (taken from the band’s forthcoming sophomore album Tidal Waves), a song whose evolution I have seen over the course of several live renditions including TLMT’s first birthday show.

With the heavy-fuzz bass line and punctuated drum beat holding the song down on a strong foundation, ‘Betty Machete’ is a uncontrollably infectious track populated by catchy vocal hooks that make the music all the more inviting for another play.

A bold but organic departure from Swords previous work ‘Betty Machete’ is by-the-throat music, made to grab people’s attention, and it does just that and more.

Click below to listen to Swords brand new single ‘Betty Machete’. The song is also available on Spotify.

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