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Watch | Elephant makes his return with ‘Stay With Me’


shane clarke

Alternative-folk singer-songwriter Elephant has made his return, unveiling his new single ‘Stay With Me’. 

A very interesting sea-change, Elephant enters more definite indie-folk territory with ‘Stay With Me’.

Taking on the production stylings of Bon Iver, the song pops and clicks with rhythm in way that Elephant’s music hasn’t before.

Making this all the more gratifying is just how at ease the songwriter feels within this new sonic milieu. This is the sound of an artist who has been up to this point trying (and for the most part succeeding) to find his voice. ‘Stay With Me’ might be the first time we’ve truly heard who Elephant is, and now we want to hear more.

Click below to listen to the brand new single from Elephant, ‘Stay With Me’. The single itself is out now

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