Listen | Gemma Dunleavy features on Orlando Volcano’s ‘Mixed Messages’

Gemma Dunleavy

Irish electronic artist Gemma Dunleavy features on a brand new track by Orlando Volcano, ‘Mixed Messages’.

A collaboration that joins elements that makes both artists so unique in a way that feels true to the music, ‘Mixed Messages’ pops and clicks with vivid electronic vibrancy while Gemma Dunleavy’s vocal is as mesmerizing as ever.

Indeed, what is so hypnotic about the song is how these two alternate textures and different speeds interact and play off one another. The frantic movement of the music is cut through and settled by the beautiful melodic weaving of the vocal, a style that has made Dunleavy such a promising prospect not just on the Irish scene but also internationally.

Click below to listen to ‘Mixed Messages’ by Orland Volcano featuring Gemma Dunleavy. The song’s parent E.P. ‘Complete Concrete’ is out on June 24th via Liminal Sounds.

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