Maria Kelly, Ailbhe Reddy & more appear on Pieta House charity album

Maria Kelly

A host of Irish acts have come together to provide tracks for Breathe a compilation album in aid of Pieta House.

The charity record will raise some much needed funds for Pieta House centre for the prevention of self-harm and suicide and the incredibly important work they provide.

A fundraiser made all the all the more vital due to the recent €12 million budget cut from the mental health sector, Breathe, for Pieta House will feature tracks from artists such as Maria Kelly, Owildyouth, Elephant, Laura Ryder, Ailbhe Reddy, All the Luck In The World, Kelly Swan, Pine the Pilcrow, Orchid Collective and In Their Thousands. See full track listing below.

Breathe, for Pieta House track listing:
1. Maria Kelly – Before It Has Begun
2. Owildyouth – Cloud Street
3. Elephant – Letter
4. Laura Ryder – Freeze//Fall
5. Ailbhe Reddy – Cover Me
6. All the Luck in the World – Conquer
7. Kelly Swan – Not Falling
8. Pine the Pilcrow – Where You Are
9 Orchid Collective – Lay as Stone
10. In Their Thousands – Cheer Up, Its Only a Dream

The album is available now via bandcamp for €5 minimum (all proceeds going towards Pieta House). For more information on the charity, and the vital work they do, visit

Breathe, for Pieta House will also have a lunch night at the Workman’s Club on Thursday, April 28th (TONIGHT) to celebrate the album’s release. Tickets are €5 (with all proceeds going towards Pieta Hosue) performances on the night will come from Owildyouth, Orchid Collective and All The Luck In The World.

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