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Watch | Land Lovers release the floating sound of ‘Springtime for the Mystics’

Land Lovers (photo by: Ruth Medjber)

Land Lovers (photo by: Ruth Medjber)

Indie-pop act Land Loves have unveiled an intriguing insight into their upcoming new album with ‘Springtime for the Mystics’.

With its’ airy harmonically floating sound and slow-burning feel ‘Springtime for the Mystics’ gives us a very different glimpse into the overall sound of Land Lovers forthcoming The Rooks Have Returned album.

Offsetting the straight-up indie-pop of the group’s previous release ‘Angeline’, ‘Springtime for the Mystics’ is a more ambitious but no less infectious new single by Land Lovers.

Constantly building and evolving the track seamlessly introduces new elements to the mix, while the big crashing beat pushes everything through the gentler sounds that form the song’s undercurrent, making foe an exciting insight into The Rooks Have Returned.

Land Lovers will celebrate the release of their forthcoming album The Rooks Have Returned with a gig at the Workman’s Club on May 21st.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Springtime for the Mystics’ by Land Lovers. The song’s parent album ‘The Rooks Have Returned’ is due for release on May 15th via Popical Island (pre-order). Photo credit: Ruth Medjber. 

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