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Press Play | Kristin Kontrol unveils ‘Show Me’

Kristen Kontrol Kristen Welchez

Kristin Kontrol, a new project from Kristen Welchez (formally Dee Dee Penny of Dum Dum Girls) has released her latest track ‘Show Me’. 

With a hint of the Cure meets synth-pop about it, Kristin Kontrol’s new single ‘Show Me’ is a stylistic sea-change for Kristin Kontrol from her Dum Dum Girls days.

Sounding like an songwriter full of the expectation and excitement of exploration, Kristin Kontrol has a production that simply basks the glorious synth-pop opulence of the music.

‘Show Me’ swings for the fences, evolving beats, layer harmonies, weaving saxophone melodies and Welchez distinctly beguiling voice are all pushed to the forefront of a song that demands to be listened to on repeat.

Click below to listen to ‘Show Me’ from Kristin Kontrol. The song’s parent album ‘X-Communicate’ is due for release on May 27th via Sub Pop Records (pre-order). Photo credit: Jimmy Fontanine

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