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Watch | Rusangano Family release ‘Lights On’

Rusangano Family

Rusangno Family

Rusangano Family once again showcase just why they are on of Ireland’s most important acts with ‘Lights On’.

Not only is ‘Lights On’ an extension of the group’s redefining of what Irish hip-hop is but its also speaks about the importance of it.

“I just wanted to be Harlem, I just wanted to be London, I just wanted to be Trenchtown. Now it’s time to be shining. Now it’s time to be Limerick” is a perfect example of this. Rusangano Family continue to lead the way and make music that speaks for the here and now.

How ‘Lights On’ will inform their forthcoming album Let the Dead Bury the Dead remains to be seen, but it’s looking very good indeed.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Lights On’ by Rusangano Family. The song’s parent album ‘Let the Dead Bury the Dead’ is out on April 8th.

Video Credits:
Based on an idea by Blindboyboatclub (Rubberbandits)
Director: Stephen Hall
Cinematographer: Stephen Hall
Camera assistant: Niall Coley
Production company: Steve Hall Video

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