Listen | The Wood Burning Savages unleash ‘We Love You’


Derry based alternative-rock act the Wood Burning Savages have the unrestrained force of ‘We Love You’. 

A quick kick to the senses, ‘We Love You’ goes full-tilt from beginning to end with a punkish ferocity that’s hard not to get carried away with.

The Wood Burning Savages have never been a band to deliver half-measured music and ‘We Love You’ is no exception, showcasing the four-piece’s upfront raucous sound in all its fiery glory.

Once again the Wood Burning Savages agit-pop sound leaves a lasting impression. What’s more, the immediacy of the music is such that it can’t be long until it breaks through to a wider audience drawn by a new kind of racket.

Click below to listen to ‘We Love You’ by the Wood Burning Savages. The single itself is out now – here.

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