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The Mixed-Tape | Ailbhe Reddy – Distrust

Ailbhe Reddy (artwork by Victoria Levins)

Ailbhe Reddy (artwork by Victoria Levins)

In the latest edition of T.L.M.T’s song of the week feature The Mixed-Tape we turn our attention to Ailbhe Reddy and her new single ‘Distrust’.

“I’m not a mistake. Hurst when you talk that way” is a powerful opening line, and one that sets the tone for Ailbhe Reddy’s unfeigned new single ‘Distrust’.

Indeed the stark production, use of harmonic background texture and large vocal swells makes for beguiling track that tackles the indecision, fear and guarded emotions that can intertwine themselves in relationships.

In this way, both Reddy’s voice and emotionally raw lyrical choices makes the song isolated but relatable insight into a songwriter unafraid to draw from personal experience and lay everything out for her music.

Click below to listen to Ailbhe Reddy’s latest track ‘Distrust’. The single itself is out now via iTunes.

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