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Watch | Waiting Space released video for ‘Warmer’

Chris Falconer

Chris Falconer

Electronic artist Waiting Space (a.k.a Chris Falconer) has released his debut single and music video ‘Warmer’. 

An intricately constructed soundscape of shuddering beats and synth-based pops and clicks, ‘Warmer’ is a constantly evolving track that showcases the multi-instrumental approach of Waiting Space.

Striving to find a bridge between experimental electronic music and full-on electro-pop, the song is edged in the percussive nature that undercuts the clearer, dominant vocal.

Attention grabbing and wonderfully produced, ‘Warmer’ works to introduce Waiting Space as an artist on the verge of something very interesting indeed. Time will tell, what shape this will take but for now ‘Warmer’ is a promising start.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Warmer’ by Waiting Space. The single itself is out now as a FREE download via soundcloud.

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