Listen | Slow Skies return with the heart-wrenching ‘Winter Night’

Karen Sheridan

Karen Sheridan

Alternative-pop act Slow Skies have re-emerged with the gently heartbreaking sound of ‘Winter Night’.

The return of Karen Sheridan’s voice is a warm and welcome one. Found within the minimal, icy alternative-pop production of ‘Winter Night’, Slow Skies latest offering is about freezing a moment in the past and learning to move on.

Pulled in my the endlessly enchanting feel of Sheridan’s vocal, the song shimmers and echoes into it’s deep isolated backdrop, creating a large sonic and emotive depth of field.

With ‘Winter Night’ Slow Skies convey a want in all of us, the need or desire to keep those moments in our own lives close to us, and having to deal with the fact that time inevitably moves them further from our grasp. A most welcome return.

Speaking about ‘Winter Night’ is, Sheridan says: “Winter night is about trying to capture a place in time or feeling you once had and wanting to hold on to it, not wanting to move on from it. It’s that feeling you have where you wish you could go back in time and just be in that moment or feeling again. It comes from a place of longing”

Click below to listen to Slow Skies brand new single ‘Winter Night’. 

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