Listen | Beach deliver the warping sound of ‘Donuts’



Psych five-piece Beach have unveiled their brand new single ‘Donuts’, delivering a musically unraveling new sound.

What’s most interesting about ‘Donuts’ is how the entire song feels like it’s one step away from falling apart completely, the track seems to hang listlessly off the post-modern psych/alt. production that forms the record’s backdrop.

And that is what’s so compelling about it. Beach have designed a sound so out-of-left-field that it occupies the periphery.

It’s genuinely exciting to listen to Beach’s ‘Donuts’, mostly because of how unaware the band seem to be of the uniqueness of their sound. They’re not deliberately trying to subvert the mainstream, they’re just naturally subversive.

Click below to listen to ‘Donuts’ by Beach. 

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