Listen | VOXX release indie stomper ‘Glamour Puss’


Dublin-based rock ‘n’ roll outfit VOXX have released their brand new single ‘Glamour Puss’. 

Unashamedly up-front in its pure rock ‘n’ roll revelry, ‘Glamour Puss’ is the type of track that stomps along with pounding drums and forceful guitar riffs.

Add the essential ingredient of a sexually charged lead vocal (á la Marc Bolan), finely blended backing vocals and you have a short sharp shock indie-gem in the making.

VOXX were a band who admittedly went under TLMT’s radar last year, having put ‘Glamour Puss’ on constant repeat since my first listen, consider that oversight amended.

Click below to listen to ‘Glamour Puss’ by VOXX. The single itself is out now via

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