Listen | Blooms unveils the haunting ‘Give Me Up’

Give Me Up - Blooms

Electronic artist Blooms makes her much welcome return with the brilliant new single ‘Give Me Up’.

The great metamorphosis of Blooms continues, as the London-based songwriter opens the curtains with ‘Give Me Up’.

A vast soundscape underscores Blooms latest single, the size of which is clear evolution from Louise Cunnane’s previous work. Indeed, it feels like everything has been building up to this.

Textural vocals are cast into a hazy backdrop of washing electronic production, while Blooms voice gently tip toes over this forceful backing, delivering such pointed lines as “you take and you take until I’m nothing”.

Blooms is an artist of great fascination both musically and lyrically. The person (or persons) who form the lyrical subject matter are always shrouded in mystery, while the emotion is not.

Blooms real talent lies in conveying the hurt, fear, want and passion behind everything see writes in a way that feels completely natural but utterly beguiling. A stellar, and very welcome, return.

Click below to listen to Blooms latest single ‘Give Me Up’. 

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