Watch | Damola unviels the quickfire video for ‘WorkFlow’

Damola WorkFlow

Dublin-based rap artist Damola has unveiled his brand new single and music video, ‘WorkFlow’.

Barely stopping to catch his breath throughout, Damola raps as if the words are simply an extension of himself. Performed to a skipping beat, the whole songs moves with as much intent as possible.

Indeed, that is the most impressive aspect of Damola’s music. Although the pace is quickfire, the artist never sounds as if he’s tripping over the lyrics or struggling to keep up. Instead, the flow of the music simply follows him, with Damola dictating the speed at which it propels with each word.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘WorkFlow’ by Damola. The track is taken from his forthcoming ‘ChildLIKE Mentality’ E.P.

Video Credits:
Directed by: Steven Beatsmith

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