Watch | Tommy Moore releases video for ‘When the Fire Dies’

tommy moore

Irish singer-songwriter Tommy Moore has unveiled the gentle roll and tumble sound of his new single ‘When the Fire Dies’.

A wonderous journey both musically and visually, the video for ‘When the Fire Dies’ highlights the deep-bodied sound of Tommy Moore.

And deep is the operative word, for the music of Tommy Moore is one of layered melody, rhythm and production. Turn a corner in ‘When the Fire Dies’ and you’ll come across a new flourish of handcrafted musicianship.

Tommy Moore is a songwriter in every possible sense of the word. Listening to his music, you feel every part of it has been considered, moulded and re-assessed each step of the way.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘When the Fire Dies’ by Tommy Moore.

Video Credits:
Vincent McEntee Director/Editor.
Kevin Minogue DOP/Editor.
Additional editing: James Murphy
Camera op: Mark Mangan

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