Listen | Robocobra Quartet unveil ‘Kikazaru’

Robocobra Quartet

Belfast-based experimental rock act Robocobra Quartet have released ‘Kikazaru’, the last in a trilogy of songs based around the ‘three wise monkeys’. 

With its punk-influenced, almost spoken-word delivery ‘Kikazaru’ is a song about punctuation and diction. Every word and musical phrase are pronounced with equal importance.

Performed with a fury, Robocobra Quartet’s sound thrashes at the edges of the brass trio who accompany the group on ‘Kikazaru’.

Immediate, straight-to-the-point and original, ‘Kikazaru’ is the type of track that is compelling just how different it is. Something is being said on ‘Kikazaru’, something we should listen to.

‘Kikazura’ will be released via US label Fringe Sound Records’ Songs from the City Earth Vol. 1 compilation on February 12th.

Click below to listen to Robocobra Quartet’s latest track ‘Kikazaru’. 

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