Listen | MMOTHS unveils the soft-glitching sound of ‘Eva’



Electronic producer MMOTHS has revealed a texturally dense new track entitled, ‘Eva’.

Taken from MMOTHS forthcoming debut album Luneworks, ‘Eva’ melds sound, texture and rhythm into one colliding background production for his soft-spoken voice to sit upon.

Jutting with peaks and troughs of harsh distortion and skipping-glitching beats, MMOTHS new glimpse into Luneworks (following last year’s ‘Deu’) alludes to an album that is big on ambition.

From the scrapping opening buzz to the gentle respites that dot the song’s soundscape, ‘Eva’ is a enigmatic track that speaks of something distant, out-of-view but still close-enough to recall. Will Luneworks build on and elaborate this foundation? Time will tell.

Click below to listen to ‘Eva’ the brand new track from MMOTHS. The song’s parent album ‘Luneworks’ is due out on March 11th.

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