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Press Play | Jangle-pop band Beach Baby release ‘Sleeperhead’


‘Sleeperhead’ the brand new single from London-based jangle-pop outfit Beach Baby is the latest addition to our Press Play playlist. 

A song that is brimming with agitated indie-rock and indie-pop harmony, ‘Sleeperhead’ finds Beach Baby fitting in as many hooks as humanly possible within the song’s three-minute running time.

Changing from one infectious power-pop section to the next on the turn of a dime, Beach Baby blend their pin-point pop songwriting into their jolting, jangling sound with ease.

Building on the promise shown in their E.P. Limousine, Beach Baby produce a single that is as vivid and infectious as any of the band’s work to date. An exciting start to 2016.

Click below to listen to the Beach Baby and their new single ‘Sleeperhead’ (also available via iTunes). Subscribe to TLMT’s Press Play Spotify playlist – here

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