Listen | TLMT Podcast Ep. 42 – Top 20 Songs of 2015

Stephen White

This week Steve counts down the Last Mixed Tape’s Top 20 Songs of 2015. 

Following this week’s end of year list countdown that included the Last Mixed Tape’s Top 20 Albums and E.P’s, this very special episode of the TLMT Podcast features Stephen announcing his top 20 songs of the past twelve months.

Spoilers!!!: The full list of songs (in order) can be found below the podcast itself, along with a Spotify playlist. 

TLMT’S Top 20 Songs of 2015:
20. The Urges – Passing Us By
19. Bagels – To An End
18. Bitch Falcon – Wolfstooth
17. Meltybrains? – the Vine
16. The Hard Ground – Pucker
15. Come On Live Long – Speak Up
14. I’m Your Vinyl – Erase It
13. All Tvvins – Thank You
12. The Altered Hours – Way of Sorrow
11. Pleasure Beach – Dreamer to a Dawn
10. The North Sea – December
9. Wyvern Lingo – Subside
8. Katie Kim – Foreign Fleas
7. Girl Band – Paul
6. Rusangano Family – Heathrow
5. I Have A Tribe – Scandinavia
4. Cave Ghosts – All My Life
3. Paddy Hanna – Austria
2. Little Xs For Eyes – Logical Love
1. Blooms – Love

You can stream or download (FREE) The Last Mixed Tape Podcast Episode Forty One below or subscribe via iTunes and Stitcher (android app). TLMT podcast theme by Shell Dooley.

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