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Listen | Katie Kim unveils unfinished recording ‘Mona’

Katie Kim

One of Ireland’s most enigmatic songwriters Katie Kim has released a previously unheard track entitled ‘Mona’.

As deep and dark as you’d come to expect from Katie Kim, ‘Mona’ has more than a bang and a clatter to it, with the ominous percussive clashing of the track taking center stage.

Set against a howling backdrop of rising harmonic textures Kim’s close-mic voice whispers huskily above with all the bewitching presence at the artist’s disposal.

Described by Katie Kim as an “unfinished recording from long ago” it’s hard not to wonder what a finished version of this would sound like, such is the immediately entrancing quality of ‘Mona’.

Click below to listen to ‘Mona’ by Katie Kim. 

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