The Mixed-Tape | I Have A Tribe – Medicine From Calgary

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In the latest edition of T.L.M.T’s song of the week feature The Mixed-Tape we turn our attention to I Have A Tribe and his new single ‘Medicine From Calgary’.

The return of I Have A Tribe with new music is indeed a cause for celebration. Following-up the icy atmospherics of his debut E.P. Yellow Raincoats, ‘Medicine From Calgary’ showcases the songwriter throwing the curtains back and opening his music into a much vaster sound.

The production of ‘Medicine From Calgary’ bustles with passing textures, flourishes of melodic backdrops and booming drums, resulting in far more immediate overall sound for I Have A Tribe’s music to occupy.

However, it is in the lyrical subtleties and emotive weight of I Have A Tribe’s vocal where the heart of ‘Medicine From Calgary’. As with all of Patrick O’Laoghaire’s performances he wears his heart on his sleeve, both in the words he chooses to say and the note he colors them with.

To read previous additions to the feature click here or you can listen to TLMT’s special ‘The Mixed Tape’ Spotify playlist. 

Click below to listen to this week’s addition to the Mixed-Tape, ‘Medicine From Calgary’ by I Have A Tribe. The track’s parent E.P. No Countries is due for release on December 4th. 

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