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Saint Sister – Madrid

Madrid E.P. cover

The Last Mixed Tape reviews Madrid, the recent debut extended play from atmospheric-folk duo Saint Sister. 

Madrid is a record with a story to tell. Steeped in enigmatic sounds and textures, songwriter’s Gemma Doherty and Morgan MacIntyre weave their words around an atmospheric production that in turn heightens the over-worldly tone of the E.P. and gives the underlined narratives the duo tell a place to live and grow in our minds.

This is done through the distinctly Irish sound of Madrid. Providing a wholly modern take past traditional and folk styles, Saint Sister delve deep into their influences to create something else. From the quiet earthy repose of ‘Castles’ to the rattle and hum of ‘Blood Moon’, the pair redefine their sound through mood and tone whilst maintaining the music’s sense of place.

Tales of reflection, observation, distance and isolation the stories and people who populate Saint Sister’s songwriting are made all the more intriguing by both the ethereal music and the far-away vocal harmonies that support it (see: ‘Madrid’). There seems to be a deep catharsis about the record, with relationships (both in love and family) taking centre stage. This is nowhere better seen than in the passive heart-break of ‘Castles’, which runs the gamut of these emotions punctuated by clattering rhythms.

A truly beautiful E.P. to behold, in Madrid Saint Sister take the folk/trad genres and bend them to their will. As debut’s go Madrid is something very special. The music and songwriting are all there, and the production is perfectly cast to underscore it. Saint Sister are a group who already know who they are and what there sound is. Stunning in its allure and beguiling.

Rating: 10/10

Madrid by Saint Sister is out now via Trout Records.

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