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Listen | Rusangano Family’s ‘Heathrow’ is essential listening


Rusangano Family have once again laid down a marker as Ireland’s most important group’s with their bone-rattling new track ‘Heathrow’.

The trio’s latest single finds them rapping about “the struggles of life as a refugee on a daily basis”and in turn mirrors these feelings with a production that growls with intently spiky beats and cutting synth lines.

Above this Rusangano Family rap about their lives, their outlook, their experiences. That’s what makes ‘Heathrow’ so compelling, there’s no pretense or filters in the way just the truth.

And while there’s frustration and angst in the lyrics, Rusangano Family deliver them in a way that also speaks to resolution. ‘Heathrow’ is a song that captures a moment in time and history, and could very well be this generations ‘Ghost Town’.

Click below to listen to Rusangano Family’s latest single ‘Heathrow’. The song’s parent album Let the Dead Bury the Dead.

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