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Best Coast – The Academy

Best Coast

Best Coast

Best Coast played their first Irish headline show at the Academy in Dublin on Halloween night, the Last Mixed Tape was there to cover the gig.

Rejuvenation seemed to be the order of the day as Best Coast played their way through a noisy alternative-rock edged set last Saturday. This newfound zeal in the Californian band’s live performance can be traced to the equally free-feeling sound of their latest album California Nights.

While Best Coast did sprinkle their set with older material (Crazy for You’s ‘Boyfriend’ was a highlight), it was the newer songs that garnered the greatest reaction from both Dublin crowd, and in turn the group themselves as the packed audience screamed and hollered over a backdrop of fuzzing guitars and swirling feedback.

Opening with ‘Heaven Sent’, Best Coast set the pace for the night and kept the fire lit throughout. As tracks from California Nights benefited from the vivid jangle that permeates through the album, songs like ‘Feeling OK’ and the bouncing pop of ‘Fading Fast’ gave added sense of fun to the night, elaborated on by an impromptu best fancy dress competition that showcased the band’s connection to their fans.

That’s not to say Best Coast weren’t able to weave some subtle dynamic changes into their live show. Their current album’s title-track provided a musical oasis of washing distortion and atmospherics that shone through and gave the audience a much-needed breather.

One of the most gratifying experiences of watching a band tour a new record is the sense of rejuvenation it can give, provided the source material is good enough. With California Nights Best Coast have hit their stride, and the live shows mirror that. Last Saturday’s gig at the Academy marked Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno’s first headline show in Ireland, given the reception they received it won’t be the last time the duo grace out shores.

Best Coast’s third studio album California Nights is out now. 

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