Listen | Talos returns with ‘In Time’

In Time


Cork-based electronic artist Talos (a.k.a Eoin French) has made his return with a brand new track entitled ‘In Time’.

As deeply emotive and bathed in reverberated ambience, Talos continues his stunning run of singles (which includes: ‘Tethered Bones’ and ‘Bloom’) with the dramatic sound of ‘In Time’.

A completely immersive listen from start to finish, the high-reaching atmosphere and regret tinged with hope mood of the music all culminates in an incredibly evocative experience that once again highlights Talos as one of the most promising acts coming out of Ireland today.

Where Talos evolves to from here is an exciting prospect. But one thing is for certain though, he is an artist who has total control and understanding over his sound.

Talos will be appearing at this weekend’s Hard Working Class Heroes 2015 on Friday at the Academy Main Stage. He is also one TLMT’s 30 must-see acts at the festival, read more – here.

Click below to listen to ‘In Time’ the brand new song ‘In Time’. 

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