Listen | Participant makes his return with ‘A Change’


Alternative-pop artist Participant makes his return with the deeply textural new single ‘A Change’, taken from his upcoming E.P. Content.

A wonderfully textured new single from Participant (a.k.a Stephen Tiernan), ‘A Change’ hums with a tonally drifting backdrop that pulls you further into the music and into the artist’s darkly brooding sound.

Bathed in great washes of dynamic moody melodies, soundscapes and synths, Tiernan’s gently set voice never seems lost in the ambition of the track’s production but instead juxtaposes it, giving the music an added sense of depth.

Participant has laid the perfect foundation for his forthcoming E.P. Content, ‘A Change’ is an engrossing, immersive listen that makes you want more from Tiernan, leaving us wonder what the full extended play will have to offer. Time will tell.

Participant will play Hard Working Class Heroes 2015 this Friday at 9.20pm in the Mercantile, and also features in TLMT’s 30 must see acts at the festival (read more – here).

Click below to listen to the brand new single from Participant, ‘A Change’. The song’s parent E.P. Content is due for release on November 2nd. 

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