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Listen | TLMT’s 30 must see acts at HWCH 2015 playlist


Hard Working Class Heroes 2015 will take place in venues across Dublin City this weekend, showcasing a plethora of emerging artists.

With such much great live music to choose from, here’s TLMT’s 30 must see acts at HWCH 2015. Read more below and listen to the full playlist at the end of the page

Elephant – The Grand Social: Thursday @ 7.30pm
Elephant, the Dundalk-based songwriter with a stunning voice will kick-off Hard Working Class Heroes 2015 at the Grand Social.

The Altered Hours – Hangar: Thursday @ 8.50pm
Following the release of their new single ‘Way of Sorrow’ recently, the Altered Hours will bring their visceral psych-rock music to HWCH 2015.

My Tribe Your Tribe – The Academy Green Room: Thursday @ 8.55pm
One of many group’s at HWCH 2015 that are on the cusp of releasing something special, My Tribe Your Tribe play the Academy.

Saint Sister – The Workman’s Club: Thursday @ 9.20pm
Atmospheric folk duo Saint Sister captured the imagination of many with the release of new single ‘Madrid’ last week, check them out at this year’s Hard Working Class Heroes festival.

Hare Squead – The Academy Main Room: Thursday @ 10.15pm
Hip-hop act Hare Squead have made an impact on the Irish music scene as of late, the trio’s set the Academy on Thursday night will be a festival highlight.

Everything Shook – The Academy Green Room: Thursday @ 10.15pm
Electronic three-piece Everything Shook impressed with their attention grabbing Argento Nights E.P. earlier this year, the group will bring a sense of stylistic diversity to HWCH.

Color//Sound – The Mercantile: Thursday @ 10pm
Marked down as ones to watch, Color//Sound have slowly garnered themselves as one of the most promising new acts performing today.

We Raise Bears – The Mercantile: Thursday @ 10.40pm
Indie-folk duo We Raise Bears will unveil a full-band set for this year’s festival. The pair have been gradually building momentum in the lead-up to their debut E.P.

Tell No Foxx – The Workman’s Club: Thursday @ 10.50pm
With their deeply layered and darkly tone music Tell No Foxx could provide something very special indeed at HWCH 2015.

Maud In Cahoots – The Grand Social: Thursday @ 10.50pm
Maud In Cahoots’ evolution in sound has been a compelling one of late, with the release of their new single ‘Cure for the Crazy’. It’ll be interesting to see how this has transitioned into their live show.

New Valley Wolves – Hangar: Friday @ 7.30pm
Aggressive, attention grabbing rock ‘n’ roll two-piece New Valley Wolves will look to rattle some cages at Hard Working Class Heroes this weekend.

Kobina – The Academy Main Room: Friday @ 7.35pm
Electronic artist and producer Kobina is a musician who seems right on the edge of creating something great, his Hard Working Class Heroes set could give some insight into where his music is going.

Ailbhe Reddy – The Grand Social: Friday @ 8.10pm
Promising singer-songwriter Ailbhe Reddy will take to the stage at the Grand Social as part of HWCH 2015, her debut E.P. Swell was a harmony driven highlight of last year.

Lilla Vargan – The Academy Main Room: Friday @ 8.15pm
Very much an artist with a considerable amount of intrigue around her Lilla Vargan has enchanted many with only a few single release under her belt so far.

Staring at Lakes – The Mercantile: Friday @ 8.40pm
Post-rock act Staring at Lakes always provide a deftly crafted live performance, with their far-reaching studio sound proving to be instantly engrossing live.

Silences – Bad Bobs: Friday @ 8.40pm
Silences have shown a definite change in tone with their single ‘The Sea’. How this new direction will manifest in their HWCH 2015 appearance.

Participant – The Mercantile: Friday @ 9.20pm
Participant tried out some new tracks and a solo set at last week’s Canalaphonic festival and proved a success with those in attendance. Highly recommended.

Buffalo Woman – The Academy Green Room: Friday @ 9.35pm
A full-on electro-pop act that take no prisoners, Buffalo Woman disco inflected live shows will find the perfect home at the Academy’s Green Room stage at HWCH.

Talos – The Academy Main Room: Friday @ 9.35pm
Cork based electronic artist Talos may be one of the most intriguing artists on the HWCH 2015 bill in a live context, just how the depth of his studio sound works in a live setting will be interesting to see.

Carriages – The Workman’s Club: Friday @ 10pm
Electronic-folk two-piece Carriages are a must-see in any context, and with the pair performing new tracks on the Paul McCloone show recently we can only hope to hear more new material this Friday.

Slow Skies – The Academy Main Room: Friday @ 10.15pm
Another artist taking part in Feel Good Lost’s Hard Working Class Heroes stage, Slow Skies is an artist whose music is deeply captivating and will be a sure highlight of this year’s festival. Simply a must-see.

Dear Desert – The Academy Green Room: Friday @ 10.15pm
Dear Desert captured the attention with their first E.P. Gift Above last year which led to a host of equally attention-grabbing live performances. The three-piece will be another act festival-goers will be hoping to hear new music from.

Elastic Sleep – The Mercantile: Friday @ 10.40pm
Go. See. This. Band.

I Have A Tribe – The Workman’s Club: Friday @ 10.40pm
One of the countries most exciting and important new songwriters, I Have A Tribe is another artist who TLMT first found at a past Hard Working Class Heroes festival.

Oh Boland – Hangar: Saturday @ 7.30pm
Galway-based garage-rock act Oh Boland kick-off the Saturday night HWCH 2015 line-up at Hangar. The group were co-winners of TLMT Readers ‘Album of the Year’ poll in 2014.

Sinead White – The Academy Main Room: Saturday @ 8.15pm
Songwriter Sinead White delivered on the early promise of her live shows with her album Finally this year. A musician with a individual voice, White is a must see at HWCH 2015.

Plutonic Dust – The Academy Main Room: Saturday @ 9.35pm
Plutonic Dust have carved out a reputation as a tour de force in terms of live performance. The meeting of the group and the main room at the Academy for Hard Working Class Heroes is a promising prospect.

Basciville – The Workman’s Club: Saturday @ 10pm
A lot of rumblings and talk has been of Basciville in the build up to Hard Working Class Heroes 2015. Could very well be one of those “I was there when…” occasions.

Rusangano Family – The Academy Green Room: Saturday @ 10.15pm
Few can match Rusangano Family for originality in sound and all out vibrancy during live shows. Definite candidates for “festival stealing performance”.

This Other Kingdom – The Mercantile: Saturday @ 10.40pm
Visceral psych-rock act This Other Kingdom have made a name for themselves as one of the countries most impactful live acts, their debut album Telescopic highlighted this. A full-on, hard-edged way to bring an end to your HWCH 2015 experience.

Tickets for HWCH 2015 are priced at €45 for a weekend pass, €20 per single day or €10 to pay in to a venue at the door and are available to purchase via Visit to see the full day-to-day information.

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