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Watch | Monster Monster unveil new video for ‘You’re My Fix’

You're My Fix

You're My Fix

Alternative-pop act Monster Monster have released their brand new music video for the single ‘You’re My Fix’.

Ominous, has not been a word I word usually associate with Monster Monster, but it is the word I keep coming back to with ‘You’re My Fix’.

As its name would suggest, the relationship between addiction and love (or perhaps lust) is explored musically through jarring rhythms and long lingering twangs of guitar. Often feeling off-kilter, the thematic comparisons are there for all to see, and brought to the fore by Riona Sally Hatman’s moody vocal.

“Want” is often a difficult emotion to convey through music, go too far and it comes off as unnerving, not enough and it’s isolating. Bridging the gap between the two extremes, Monster Monster find a common ground and pull it off with stylistic aplomb.

It’s interesting to see Monster Monster explore such brooding territory, and all the more gratifying to see them excel at it. “Ominous” is indeed the word, and dark is the tone. How this feeds into the band’s debut E.P. remains to be seen.

Monster Monster will celebrate the release of their debut E.P. with a show in Whelan’s on Friday, October 23rd. Tickets are priced at €6, for more information visit

Click below to watch the music video for ‘You’re My Fix’ by Monster Monster. The song’s parent E.P. is due for release this October. 

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