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Watch | Wild Promises release video ‘Passing Ships’

Passing Ships

Alternative-pop group Wild Promises release the music video for ‘Passing Ships’, taken from their upcoming E.P. this October. 

Helped in no small part by its lush production, the twinkling sound of ‘Passing Ships’ is a testament to the emotive songwriting and subtle musicianship that plays so sweetly behind it.

With its warm, inviting alternative-pop meets folk sound, all the intricate parts of Wild Promises music slowly unfurl throughout ‘Passing Ships’.

Scratching strings, shuffling rhythm, shimmering textures and hushed vocals all merge to create a song that feels introspective, personal and affirming. Resulting in a very promising insight into the group’s forthcoming E.P. due out this Autumn.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Passing Ships’ by Wild Promises. The single itself is out now via iTunes

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