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Listen | The Last Mixed Tape’s August 2015 playlist

Cruising band

A monthly feature to the Last Mixed Tape, here we look back at some of the stand-out tracks released or reviewed on T.L.M.T this August.

August 2015 saw the release of several new records including All Tvvins with ‘Darkest Ocean’, Katie Kim’s comeback track ‘Foreign Fleas’, Cruising’s self-titled first E.P. and DAÄG HUR’s debut single ‘Scorpion Tail’ (which premiered on TLMT).

The past four weeks also saw the release of new music from Bouts, The Witch Trials, The Grand Wake, Riot Tapes and more. See full track listing below.

The Last Mixed Tape’s August 2015 playlist:
All Tvvins – Darkest Ocean
Katie Kim – Foreign Fleas
Cruising – Safe Corridor
DAÄG HUR – Scorpion Tail
Bouts – Missteps
The Witch Trials – Virginia
i am niamh – Hang On
The Grand Wake – Suffragette
August Wells – Come on in out of that night
Bleeding Heart Pigeons – A Hallucination
Riot Tapes – Hello Insanity
Cronin – See This Man

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