Listen | Radio Weirdo release new single ‘Jeremy Corbyn’


Belfast based experimental electronic artist Radio Weirdo has released his brand new single entitled ‘Jeremy Corbyn’.

A new instrumental piece named after current Labor leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn, Radio Weirdo’s latest release plays like an uneasy lounge song put through a thresher of lo-fi crunching distortion and effects.

Screeching and blasting from the speakers, the song persistently and ominously moves forward at a trudge as crashing rhythms occupy its backdrop.

Coupled with the meandering solo that overrides the track, these juxtaposed elements meet in the middle with suitably unsettling results.

‘Jeremy Corbyn’ is an interesting record within the experimental lo-fi scene. Its foundation has none of the characteristics that usually appear in the genre, but instead looks to make the usual sound unusual.

Click below to listen to ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ the new single from Radio Weirdo. The song itself is available to download via bandcamp

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  1. Listened as far as 0.23 nope. Not for me. Thanks for sharing.

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