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Watch | Bleeding Heart Pigeons release new video for ‘A Hallucination’


Limerick based alternative-pop three-piece Bleeding Heart Pigeons have released their new music video for ‘A Hallucination’.

Made from the rhythmical movement of Bleeding Heart Pigeons’ alternative-pop sound, ‘A Hallucination’ is a dynamically charged track that jumps from gentle flowing verses, to slow-down bridges to big, full-scale choruses that hint towards to group’s progressive-rock leanings.

An ambitious song from its songwriting down to its production, ‘A Hallucination’ is a vividly conceived piece of Irish alternative-pop put through the prism of post and progressive rock affectations that results in a unique music that is refreshingly expansive and structured.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘A Hallucination’ by Bleeding Heart Pigeons. The song’s parent E.P. of the same name is out now

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