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Watch | Miriam Donohue releases homemade video for ‘Bookmarks’


Folk influenced singer-songwriter Miriam Donohue has released a new music video for her latest single ‘Bookmarks’.

Filled with tumbling acoustic guitar and scratching, rasping viola Miriam Donohue’s ‘Bookmarks’ is a warm sounding new release from the artist.

Expressionistic in its lyrical picture, the songwriter’s voice carries each line with equal importance. Indeed, there are several flourishes of Laura Marling-esque vocal twists and turns that appear during Donohue’s performance, making the track all the more immersive. Whilst also alluding to hidden depths.

Set to the beautifully crafted and conceptualized video by Love Budget Productions, the story of ‘Bookmarks’ is translated visually into the story of two paper people, cut from pages. Resulting in the perfect accompaniment to the music itself.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Book Marks’ by Miriam Donohue. The single’s parent E.P. of the same name is out now via bandcamp

Video Credits:
Made by: Love Budget Productions

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