Watch | Check out the Witch Trials new video for ‘Wonderland’

The Witch Trails

Dublin-based psych-rock outfit the Witch Trials have released the music video for their debut single, ‘Wonderland’.

A visually bizarre and suitably psychedelic journey through retro black & white film-making, kaleidoscopic burst of colour and off-kilter imagery, the video for ‘Wonderland’ is exactly what you’d expect from the Witch Trials.

Mirroring the band’s own vivid cornucopia of psych, prog and indie rock, the group’s debut music video is creative and stylistically matched work.

A  new band, who have shown much promise in a relatively short space of time. The Witch Trials continue to impress, they are a band on the rise and it will be interesting to see how and where they go.

Click below to watch the music video for the Witch Trials current single ‘Wonderland’. The single itself is available to download via bandcamp.

Video Credits:
Video by Zak Milofsky –

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