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Watch | Come On Live Long unveil ambitious new video for ‘Speak Up’

Speak Up

Speak Up

Come On Live Long have unveiled their globe spanning new music video for ‘Speak Up’, featuring scenes shot 15 different locations. 

Directed by Mercedes Arturo & Nico Casavecchia, the grand-scale and scope of the video for ‘Speak Up’ captures the rolling rhythms of the music itself through quick edits and imagery concerned with movement.

Carrying with it a sense of awe, the visuals cover a broad spectrum. From the futurist blurred imagery of transportation to the soft repose of still urban cityscapes, Arturo & Casavecchia look to mirror the dynamic turbulence of Come On Live Long’s broad cinematic alternative-pop sound.

Made with tons of ambition, delivered with affirming style and containing some beautifully composed cinematography, the music video for ‘Speak Up’ is crafted visual partner to Come On Live Long’s music.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Speak Up’, the brand new single from Come On Live Long. The song itself is available to download via bandcamp.

Video Credits:
Directed by Mercedes Arturo & Nico Casavecchia
Edited by Gachi García
Color by Matias Ceppi

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