Listen | Young Wonder release cover of ‘Pure Shores’ as a FREE download

Young Wonder (Photographed by Sarah Doyle)

Electro-pop duo Young Wonder have unveiled their re-imagining of All Saints’ hit single ‘Pure Shores’. 

Following the release of their seminal debut album Birth last month (read TLMT’s review here), Young Wonder have released a FREE to download cover of All Saints classic ‘Pure Shore’ as a thank you to fans for their support.

A perfect match of style and sound Young Wonder’s sound meld beautifully into that of the original, which was produced by William Orbit and appeared on the soundtrack to Danny Boyle’s film the Beach.

Indeed the airy calm of the song itself is wonderfully handled by vocalist Rachel Koeman, while the undulating sense of space that occupies the background adds the electronic pops and clicks that made Young Wonder’s recent album so unique.

Click below to listen to Young Wonder’s stunning take on All Saints hit single ‘Pure Shores’. The song is available now a FREE download via soundcloud

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