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Love video still

Louise Cunnane

Electronic artist Blooms releases her haunting new music video for the songwriter’s breath-taking single ‘Love’. 

Set in the decayed ruins of an old house, and shot in black and white the video for ‘Love’ (directed by Lina Söderström) plays with the themes of past love, memory and apprehension through its symbolic setting.

Large shafts of light break through the many cracks in the walls of the building illuminating the dust filled, dilapidated locale as Blooms moves slowly and thoughtfully through each scene. Underscored by the melancholic feel of the music itself, tinged with hope for the future, both the song and video seem to be about the importance of taking one last look at the past and finally saying goodbye to its hold on us. In short, closure.

After appearances at this year’s Forbidden Fruit and Body&Soul festivals, Blooms will open for Ellie Goulding at the Marquee in Cork on June 24th. 

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Love’ by Blooms. 

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