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Watch | The Midnight Union Band – But I Am The Night

The Midnight Union Band

The Midnight Union Band have unveiled their violently toned new music video for the single, ‘But I Am The Night’.

A harrowing tale of revenge, the video for ‘But I Am The Night’ takes on the stark nihilistic visual aesthetic of vigilante themed films such as Shane Meadow’s 2004 thriller Dead Man’s Shoes, as it follows a Taxi driver whose murderous motives only become clear near the music video’s closing moments.

Using a textural juxtaposition in visuals, the flashbacks to the protagonists happier past have a slight dream-like haze to them compared to the gritty, enshrouded in shadow tone of the present which builds naturally to the video’s unflinching brutal climax.

Set to the swaying, slow-burning motion of the Midnight Union Band’s music the soft malaise of ‘But I Am The Night’ takes on a natural yet completely unexpected dimension when listened to along with its visual companion. Compelling stuff.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘But I Am The Night’, taken from the Midnight Union Band’s new album Of Life and Lesser Evils.

Produced by: Crooked Gentlemen and Barry Gibbons
Director of photography: Shaun Ryan
Jenny Lee Masterson
Johnny Elliott
Jeff Doyle
Grant O’Hara
Patrick Murphy
Special thanks to The Cat & The Cage.

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