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Listen | Check out ‘Objects of Desire’ by Flecks


Dublin based ambient synth-pop outfit Flecks have unveiled a new track entitled ‘Objects of Desire’. 

A darkly brooding effort from Flecks, ‘Objects of Desire’ is bathed in deep rhythms and atmospheric texture. Containing a built-in patience the song takes its time before suddenly, and effectively, bursting forth with large-scale jumps of distorted noise.

Working as an interesting juxtaposition in sound, the dynamic structure of ‘Objects of Desire’ feels earned. As the vocals move with hushed malaise the song’s background waits patiently to step into the spotlight during the aforementioned overdriven passages.

An interesting and sonically pleasing listen, Flecks music is one of dramatic tension and power. Glistening on top but with a turbulent undercurrent, their sound is one of great movement. It’ll be interesting to hear how far the group can expand this already expansive production.

Click below to listen to the latest track from Flecks, ‘Objects of Desire’. 

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