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Listen | Check out Tomorrows new track ‘Free’


Brand new alternative-pop act Tomorrows have released their second track to date, entitled ‘Free’. 

Furthering the ethereal electronic and indie sounds that stood prominently within the band’s previous song ‘Another Life’, ‘Life’ takes on a wide-open production that results in a harmonically lush overall sound.

Strong flourishes of synth and syncopated guitar form the song’s sonic backdrop. While big sweeps of vocal harmony dominate the foreground, making ‘Free’ an immersive listening experience that simply flows from beginning to end.

Taking on the melodic layers of indie-folk acts like Fleet Foxes and augmenting that with more indie and electronic based instrumentation, Tomorrows’ sound is truly unique.

An exciting new project from an immensely talented line-up of artists, Tomorrows are band paving their own path within music, and that’s something to be cherished.

Click below to listen to Tomorrows brand new song ‘Free’. 

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