Listen | DAÄG HUR return with ‘Buried My Head’

Daag Hur

Dublin based dream-pop duo DAÄG HUR make their return with a brand new track entitled ‘Buried My Head’. 

Following on from the release of the attention grabbing demo ‘Hanging on the Sea’ (released last year) DAÄG HUR once again propelling themselves into the Irish dream-pop scene with their distinct reverb crackling melding of noise and harmony.

Featuring a breath-taking contrast of delicate nihilism and turbulent distortion ‘Buried My Head’ echoes with loss, want and isolation.

Sounding like the arching electrical buzz of a David Lynch soundtrack melding with a My Bloody Valentine-esque giant wall of feedback DAÄG HUR’s ability to create light and shade into the tonally dense sound of their music is incredibly impressive, for so early on in their career.

Fitting in perfectly with the early, raw lo-fi of the duo’s remarkable demos from last year, ‘Buried My Head’ feels like the natural progression from a band making steps towards something very special indeed.

Click below to listen to DAÄG HUR’s new track ‘Buried My Head’. 

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