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Listen | TLMT Podcast Ep. 12 – Reviews, Hashtags & Burlesque

HamsandwicH Credit.Dara.Munnis

This week on TLMT Podcast, Steve reviews Hamsandwich, the Mighty Stef & more, tries to start a new hashtag and vows never to surf. While Kate shows off her Oasis and Burlesque knowledge.

Kate & Steve also talk about Record Store Day 2015, Steve’s recent appearance at Vinyl & Wine, countdown this week’s Top 10 albums chart, and pick the must see gigs happening over the weekend.

Comment of the week winner: Paul Byrne

Album reviews: 
Hamsandwich – Stories from the Surface
Everything Shook – Argento Nights

Single reviews:  
Swimmers – Lose Myself
Tomorrows – Another Life
Liza Flume – Sheets
SOAK – Blud (song of the week)

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