Track Premiere | Fierce Mild’s cover of ‘You Don’t Own Me’ for Record Store Gay 2015

Record Store Gay 2015 cover: Artwork by Capybara Ink.

The Last Mixed Tape is proud to debut Fierce Mild’s cover of ‘You Don’t Own Me’ for this year’s Record Store Gay charity compilation album. 

A cover of Lesley Gore original 1963 hit-single (produced by Quincy Jones), Fierce Mild take their own garage-rock sound and fuse it with the swaying R&B found in the song’s core to create a thrashing, twanging up-front modern take on the track that is simply infectious to listen to.

This year’s Record Store Gay compilation will also include covers from Hi Fashion, Kate’s Party, I Heart The Monster Hero, Florence Olivier, Katherine Lynch & Switzerland, Patrick Kelleher, Gross Net, The Late David Turpin, Brian Conniffe, Gar Cox, Fierce Mild, Feather Beds, GODHATESDISCO, Laura Ann Brady and many more.

Record Store Day 2015 will take place on Saturday, April 18th at the OUTHOUSE ( on Capel Street from 1pm – 6pm then at PantiBar from 6pm – 10.30pm.

Admission to all the events is FREE (suggested donation to YES EQUALITY €10 if suitable). 100% of proceeds go towards YES EQUALITY campaign and performers are supporting a YES VOTE for the Marriage Equality Referendum on the 22nd, May 2015.

Vote “Yes” to Marriage Equality on May 22nd. For more information visit

Click below to listen to TLMT’s exclusive stream of ‘You Don’t Own Me’ by Fierce Mild for Record Store Gay 2015. Artwork by Capybara Ink.

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