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Watch | Little Xs For Eyes – Logical Love

little xs for eyes – Logical Love from little xs for eyes on Vimeo.

Little Xs For Eyes have unveiled the music video for their brilliant new single ‘Logical Love’. 

Directed by Spice Burger, the video for ‘Logical Love’ takes on a stylistically mirrored VHS aesthetic that plays into the late 70’s early 80’s new wave synth-pop sound of Little Xs For Eyes single.

Centered around a group of Vampires on a night out, the video’s deceptively off-kilter and quirky narrative core does capture the yearning and lingering want that is the essence of ‘Logical Love’ lyrically, as the story follows the central vampire character’s longing to see the Sun once again. This follows until the cracking VHS (by way of added screen swipes populated dream sequences) finale.

A fun and stylistically perfect visual accompaniment to what is (in my opinion) Little Xs For Eyes best work to date, ‘Logical Love’, both the music and the visual lovingly play with the retro tinged nature of one another in way that sets the tone for the band’s forthcoming album Everywhere Else.

Click above to watch the music video for Little Xs For Eyes’ new single ‘Logical Love’. The song’s parent album Everywhere Else is available to pre-order now via bandcamp.

Video by Spice Burger:

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